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Coconut Lemon Curd Bars

We are all about no-bake treats during the hot summer months. No-bake desserts are so tasty, cool you right down, and really hit the sweet tooth spot! These Lemon Curd Bars feature our Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies as a tasty and easy crust! If you love lemon and coconut, these bars are for you! Best...


CookIe Dough Shake

When the summer heat starts to hit, turn to a refreshing, tasty and clean smoothie to keep you feeling cool! This Coconut Cookie Dough Shake is made with simple and healthy ingredients, not to mention our yummy Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies! This smoothie is best enjoyed kicking back poolside, hanging with friends, or enjoying some...


Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Warm summer days are just around the corner (fingers crossed!) and we here at Emmy's cannot resist a good frozen treat! This recipe uses not one, but TWO of Emmy's very own Organic Coconut Cookies. Not to mention, one of them is our new Organic Chocolate Covered Vanilla Bites! This simple recipe will be your...


Banana Blueberry Muffins

We could barely finish reading this recipe before we were off to preheat the oven! These absolutely delectable Banana Blueberry Muffins combine two of the best baked treats - banana bread and blueberry muffins -  to create a brunch masterpiece. Mother's Day is coming up and even if your social distancing (which we highly recommend),...


Banana Cookie Crumbed Snickerdoodle Bars

We know everyone is baking banana bread right now (what else is there to do to stay busy during quarantine?), so we decided now's the perfect time to introduce a scrumptious, new recipe that puts a fun twist on your classic banana bread! Oh, and did we forget to mention this is also the perfect...