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Chocolate Coconut Granola

Does your sweet tooth have you looking for a delicious and healthy treat? Look no further than this Chocolate Coconut Granola recipe. You can top this treat onto your yogurt or just snack on it throughout the day! These simple ingredients are probably in your pantry already. This Chocolate Coconut Granola is easy to make...


Coconut Banana Pancakes

We're taking advice from Jack Johnson and sleeping in and making banana pancakes this weekend! This scrumptious Coconut Banana Pancakes recipe not only uses the cleanest ingredients, but also our very own Chocolate Chip Organic Coconut Cookies are thrown into the mix (quite literally)! Our Chocolate Chip Organic Coconut Cookies are delicious on their own,...


Vanilla Bean Blackberry Parfait

Picture this: it's Sunday morning, and you are craving a delicious treat to jump-start your day. What's better than kicking back to enjoy a healthy and easy to make parfait with Emmy's Organics Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies! This layered snack will hit the spot with the savory coconut whip divided by refreshing blackberries and cookie crumble....


Coconut Lemon Curd Bars

We are all about no-bake treats during the hot summer months. No-bake desserts are so tasty, cool you right down, and really hit the sweet tooth spot! These Lemon Curd Bars feature our Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies as a tasty and easy crust! If you love lemon and coconut, these bars are for you! Best...


CookIe Dough Shake

When the summer heat starts to hit, turn to a refreshing, tasty and clean smoothie to keep you feeling cool! This Coconut Cookie Dough Shake is made with simple and healthy ingredients, not to mention our yummy Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies! This smoothie is best enjoyed kicking back poolside, hanging with friends, or enjoying some...