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Banana Cookie Crumbed Snickerdoodle Bars

We know everyone is baking banana bread right now (what else is there to do to stay busy during quarantine?), so we decided now's the perfect time to introduce a scrumptious, new recipe that puts a fun twist on your classic banana bread! Oh, and did we forget to mention this is also the perfect...


“Payday” Bars

Everyone is familiar with Payday bars and the nostalgia these treats carry, but with this new and delicious recipe, Payday bars have grown up and gone vegan! This is Emmy's Organics take on the iconic snack. By creating your own healthy caramel mixture and using our very own Organic Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies as the...


Salted Almond Date Bars

We've all seen the newest and best date bars at our local grocery stores, but in true Emmy's Organics fashion we've raised the bar with these unbelievably decadent Salted Almond Butter Date Bars. With three distinct layers, each bursting with their own unique flavors, they melt together in your mouth making for the perfect sweet...


Vanilla Bean Berry Crumble Bars

We don't know anyone who doesn't love a good buttery crumble topped pastry, but with these Vanilla Bean Berry Crumble Bars there's even more to love because we've found the perfect recipe that uses our very own Emmy's Organics Organic Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies as the main ingredient for the crumble! Sure these classic cookies...


Blueberry Kiwi Cheesecake Bars

If you're a fan of Emmy's Organics, then you're probably no stranger to our Lemon Ginger Organic Coconut Cookies. These zesty treats are sure to satisfy on their own, but if you can resist from eating them for a moment (we know it's hard!) we encourage you to keep reading to find out one of...