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Holiday Recipe Round-Up

'Tis the season for delicious eats and decadent treats! Looking to enjoy some homemade treats this holiday season? We're bringing you 4 delectable recipes made with clean ingredients you know & love (& some you probably already have on hand in your pantry). We absolutely adore this time of year, and yummy chocolatey treats are...


How to make a #CleanCookieCrust

The clean cookie crust: one of Emmy’s fans’ most loved ways of enjoying our Coconut Cookies. Popularized by our loyal Instagram followers, our cookies double as a gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and organic crust that acts as a base for infinite kitchen creations. The best part is the crust only requires one thing-any flavor of...


Not Your Average Ingredient: Himalayan Salt

If you’re an avid ingredient-list-checker you may have noticed we use Himalayan salt instead of regular table salt in all of our cookies. So, what's the difference? Well, there’s a reason Himalayan salt isn't just a fad and has been used in all of our Coconut Cookies for the past 11 years and counting. In...


A Very Emmy’s Holiday Season

Let’s face it, we can all use some extra holiday cheer this year. No one’s had it easy, that’s why Emmy’s wants to make your holiday shopping a little easier, and your holiday decor a little brighter. Read along to see 3 fun ways to incorporate Emmy’s into your holiday festivities and decorations this year!...


Samantha’s Holiday Gift Guide

Our Co-Founder, Samantha, is all about products that are clean, high quality and made by brands that have an ethos of environmental and social responsibility. Here are some of her favorite products for the holiday season! *We do not make any commission off of these links, just wanted to share! Hello! Hello! This holiday season...