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Welcome to The Crumb

From the desk of our co-founder Samantha, welcome to The Crumb! Welcome to The Crumb! Over the past few years, we have grown up as a company. From hand scooping coconut cookies in my (life+biz) partner, Ian’s, mom’s kitchen to now selling our products in stores nationwide, our company looks nothing like it did when...


Products of the Past

Emmy’s Organics was founded over 10 years ago in a home kitchen in 2009. We have created many different products over the past decade, some better known than others. We’re throwing it back and going through our “products of the past” and giving you a look back at our early packaging. Plus, our Co-Founder, Samantha,...


What’s the Difference Between Organic and Non-GMO?

What's the Difference Between Organic and Non-GMO?   It’s important to us as a company to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We strongly believe in the importance of creating a clean, vegan, gluten free treat for our customers. We source high quality ingredients that are grown organically and without genetic modification to make our...


How To Keep Your Immune System Strong In College

Transitioning back into the academic school year can be a stressful time! Be sure to get ahead of potential sickness by taking care of yourself and boosting your immune system. One of our Campus Brand Ambassadors, Emily Morgan, shares her tips for staying healthy throughout the semester. This fall is my first semester at college, and boy,...


Not Your Average: Biodegradable Insulation

We are proud to transition towards using more sustainable shipping materials! We are now incorporating biodegradable insulation into our shipping process. Our new insulation is a compostable and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging and insulation made from non-GMO corn. Your Chocolate Covered Bites will stay cool and arrive greener than ever! Green Cell Foam Disposal Process 1....

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