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4 Ways to Stack Vanilla Bean

4 WAYS TO STACK VANILLA BEAN Packed with pure vanilla extract and real vanilla bean powder, it’s no secret why Vanilla Bean is one of our most beloved flavors. This flavor is delicious on its own, and even better with all the fixins’! Today we’re going to share some of our favorite  #cleancookiestack combos using...


Get to Know Dark Cacao

GET TO KNOW DARK CACAO One for the chocolate connoisseurs, it’s no mystery why Dark Cacao is our top-selling flavor. Made with delicious, organic ingredients and out-of-this-world flavor, Dark Cacao will satisfy your sweet tooth, serve as your afternoon pick-me-up, or be your new go-to crust for gluten-free baking. In this article we’ll be giving...


Samantha’s Spring Favorites

There is nothing better than Spring!! The excitement of warmer weather, at least here on the east coast, is palpable everywhere you go. I'm so excited to switch out my wardrobe, clean out my cupboards and enjoy this feeling of a new beginning. We’ve got a lot of new projects underway at Emmy’s. We have...


Understanding the Symbols on our Packaging

We take pride in creating certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, grain free, and vegan products. Part of our mission of creating a more ethical, sustainable food landscape and world involves spreading the word and being transparent about the things that are important to us as a company. We wanted to put together a quick list...


Lemon Meltaway Fudge

When life gives you lemons, you simply have to make Lemon Meltaway Fudge. This recipe is bursting with a zesty, lemon flavor! It's a perfect treat to enjoy as Spring approaches (finally)! This recipe is a tasty was to use some of our fave ingredients:  our Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies cashew butter, lemon, and maple...