Introducing our NEW Brownie Snaps! The crispiest, most snackable yet indulgent, always-organic brownie snack out there. We sat down this month with our Co-Founder, Samantha Abrams, to get the low-down on the new product line. Read along, we can’t wait to share this with you.

What’s most exciting about our new Snaps to you?

“What’s most exciting about this product is the fact that we now have the simplest, most snackable brownie product available on the market that is also certified organic. Plus, they’re SO addicting and delicious. You can try a half case or mixed case of both flavors on our website now! We’ve been wanting to create something crunchy for so long and this amazing product is finally here!”

What flavors can we expect?

“We’re starting off with Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter (so good!) and may be adding two additional flavors to the line, so stay tuned!”

What was the process like to make the Snaps?

“The most important thing to us when we started research and development of the Snaps was to make them with simple, very high quality ingredients. The recipe was tweaked many times to meet our standards. We did a lot of tests with friends and family and our entire team! Quality and flavor have been our focus all along, and we are so happy with the final result. Crunchy, chocolatey perfection.”


What are the Snaps made of?

“We start with a blend of organic brown rice flour with tapioca starch, add in organic coconut sugar, chocolate chips, coconut oil, cocoa powder, sea salt, and baking soda! All high quality organic ingredients” 

Why Snaps?

“We have been wanting to develop a crunchy, super snackable product for a really long time. We’ve been obsessed with brownies and wanted to create something that was chocolatey and indulgent but also very snackable and the idea for Brownie Snaps was born!” 


When Can I Try Them?!?!?

“We’re working hard to get the Snaps packaged up and ready to be shipped out to stores, on shelves, and into your mouth! The Snaps started rolling into Whole Foods in late July and should be on shelf near YOU! Be sure to check our store locator beforehand to make sure there’s product in stock, we have a feeling these might go quick 🙂 “ 

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