There is nothing better than Spring!! The excitement of warmer weather, at least here on the east coast, is palpable everywhere you go. I'm so excited to switch out my wardrobe, clean out my cupboards and enjoy this feeling of a new beginning. We’ve got a lot of new projects underway at Emmy’s. We have two new product lines that we’ve been working on FOREVER that are starting to come to fruition. Also, it's clear that people are starting to feel some relief from the pandemic is making everyone hopeful. I'm really proud of how we’ve been able to support so many amazing organizations throughout this year and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. I, too, am feeling hopeful and excited for the spring and summer. I put together some things that I've been loving lately that are perfect for this season. Enjoy! -XO Samantha 

*We do not make any commission off of these links, just wanted to share!

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost & Concentrate: When spring starts to come on, I get into cleaning mode. I love getting rid of things no longer serving me and cleaning out the corners that don't get a lot of attention. This winter, I bought the Branch Basics Oxygen Boost Powder and Concentrate since I saw so many people using it on Instagram (influenced!) and I have to say, the hype is real. All of their products are completely non-toxic and you can use these two products for almost all of your cleaning needs. I put a scoop of the boost in the wash when I wash my white clothes, I use a scoop plus a little concentrate when I had wash all of my masks, I dilute the concentrate as an all purpose cleaner in a spray bottle and OMG when I have a cooking pan that has food caked on it and is hard to clean, I let it soak with a scoop of the boost for an hour and it comes off like a dream. I'm really impressed with this woman-led company and how clean and simple the products are. (linked here)

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Oil Cleanser: I was gifted this cleaner for the holidays and it is so incredible. The way I use it: I rub 1-2 pumps of it on my dry skin. Then I wet a cotton round (switched to reusable, see below!) with warm water and wipe it all off. This takes off all of the dirt without stripping your skin of natural oils. Then I wet a second round and put 1-2 pumps of the oil on it. I rub that all over my face and then sometimes add another pump of oil to my face using my hands. It makes my skin so soft and hydrated. Oil cleansing is where it's at. And for anyone who thinks they shouldn't use an oil cleanser because they have oily skin, this is a common misconception! It's likely that you are stripping your skin of natural oils so it's overcompensating. Ian has very oily skin and it has totally transformed since I got him into the oil cleansers! Definitely look up more info if you are interested. I'm so sold and it's such a nice self care routine at the end of the day. . (linked here)

Cocokind Reusable Facial Rounds: I was using organic disposable rounds for oil cleansing and was aware of how much waste I was producing. Then Cocokind came out with these reusable rounds and I ordered them right away. They come with 14 rounds in one box that are made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. They also come with a mesh bag. I've been putting my used ones in the bag so I can wash them at the end of the week. They also have a sleek band across the back which gives you a great grip. This was an easy lifestyle change that is helping me reduce waste. (linked here)

Garden of Life Greens Powder: About two months ago I started feeling like I wasn't getting enough greens in my system. Back when I used to buy lunch all of the time, I would get a shot of wheatgrass which always made me feel great. I'm feeling less inclined to cold juices and am in the store way less so I picked up this Juiced Greens Powder from Garden of Life at my local health food store. I am so impressed with the flavor. I add one scoop in a tall water glass, add water and stir. It tastes great and has so many awesome greens in it! This has quickly become part of my everyday morning routine. Plus, its certified organic and GOL is a certified B Corp...right up my alley 😉 (linked here)

Sunbeam Candles Beeswax Rose: This is by far the most beautiful candle I've ever had in my house. I was saving it for such a long time because it's so nice but I didn't realize that it gets even more beautiful as you burn it! The petals literally start to open like a rose, it's pretty amazing. It's made out of 100% beeswax which I love because I'm not a big fan of heavily scented candles and LOVE the smell of beeswax. Sunbeam is a local Ithaca company who is also a Living Wage Employer. There is something so relaxing about burning candles at home, I'm all about the vibe. (linked here)

Mate The Label Organic Cotton Cropped Sweatshirt: Similar to conventional food, the fibers used to make our clothing can be heavily sprayed with pesticides and often contain micro plastics in certain materials. It's pretty hard to completely avoid them, but as I've needed new items, I've made a conscious effort to support companies using organic or deadstock fabrics (fabric that would normally be thrown into the landfill by large clothing manufacturers) as best as I can. I was looking for the perfect sweatshirt and found it with Mate The Label, a woman-led brand who manufactures their products in Los Angeles using non toxic materials. Their cropped fleece sweatshirt is really nice. The cut is perfect on me (Im 5’3” and it sits right where my high waisted jeans or leggings sit...taller people, beware!). Most of all it's cozy and soft and made from organic cotton and well worth the splurge! I'm excited to continue to upgrade my basics to better quality materials over time. (linked here)

Everlane Rain Boots: A few years ago, I was looking for the perfect rainboot. I wanted something comfortable but also something I could wear with jeans like shoes! I've had these rainboots from Everlane for a few years now and absolutely love them. They look like a chelsea boot and are SO comfortable. I even wear them with heavy socks in the winter (they are not insulated but the socks do the trick if it's not freezing). For reference, I'm a size 7 and they fit with thin and thick socks for me! I LOVE them. These boots plus a real raincoat and you’re ready for those April showers ;-). (linked here)


Emmy’s Choc Covered Vanilla Bites: I cycle through different favorites but as of late it's been our newest flavor of our Chocolate Covered Bites. These remind me of an almond joy. The clean coconut flavor mixed with dark chocolate is *chefs kiss.* Pro tip, pop them in the fridge and let them get's like eating an ice cream treat! (linked here)

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