We take pride in creating certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, grain free, and vegan products. Part of our mission of creating a more ethical, sustainable food landscape and world involves spreading the word and being transparent about the things that are important to us as a company. We wanted to put together a quick list defining all of the symbols on our packaging for your reference.


Products that are certified organic by the USDA follow federal guidelines pertaining to soil quality, pest and weed control, and utilize physical, mechanical, and biologically based farming methods when possible. In addition, organic foods do not contain artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, or genetically modified organisms. Certified organic foods are also GMO free!


 A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a living organism whose DNA has been altered in a laboratory setting in a way it would not occur in nature. Plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes are crossbred to achieve a combination of desirable traits. Non-GMO labels on food items means the product was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs. 


A certified kosher item is one that follows a set of guidelines as stated in the Bible. Non kosher items include certain animal species, fowl, fish, all shellfish and reptiles. This symbol on our packaging certifies that the product ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery used to create the product have no trace of non kosher substances. Since Emmy’s doesn’t use any animal products and all of our machinery is certified kosher, rest assured you can enjoy our products without compromising your beliefs!


Gluten-free foods are ones that don’t use grains containing gluten such as wheat, barley, and rye. Emmy’s uses almond flour, a gluten-free alternative to traditional white flour in all of our coconut cookies. All Emmy’s products are certified gluten-free through The Gluten-Free Certification Organization, the most trusted gluten-free certification mark. GFCO is an independent entity and sets higher standards than what is federally required.


Not all grains contain gluten, but even so, Emmy’s is certified grain-free. We do not process any grains in our production facility.



We are a 100% vegan company! In order to be certified vegan, a product: “must not contain meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products, eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products, insects or products from insects such as silk or dyes, or sugar filtered with bone char or be processed with any animal products or by-products.” We do not use animal products in our cookies nor process them in our facility.



We are a certified B-Corporation, balancing purpose and profit to be as environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and publicly transparent as we can be. Examples of this can be seen in the organic and non-GMO ingredients we source, the way we give back to our local and national communities, various social causes, and the way we treat all people involved in and around our business. We recycle most materials, compost our food scraps and much attention is placed on reducing our carbon footprint as we grow and continue to improve our practices.


We’re proud of who we are as a company. When you purchase our products, you’re not only supporting our growing brand, you’re supporting everything we stand for. Thank you for supporting brands like ours. We look forward to providing you with nourishing, delicious, organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, grain free, and plant-based products for years to come!

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