Our Co-Founder, Samantha, is all about products that are clean, high quality and made by brands that have an ethos of environmental and social responsibility. Here are some of her favorite products for the holiday season! *We do not make any commission off of these links, just wanted to share!

Hello! Hello! This holiday season is going to be very different than the past with families unable to be physically together. I have put a few items below that I think are appropriate for the new normal of 2020. This list is composed of mostly woman owned brands that I love and stand behind. BUT, your dollars are truly best spent at local businesses in your community. Restaurants and other small businesses are suffering greatly so a gift card to your favorite local establishment will go a long way. If you are buying a gift for someone in your area, my recommendation is to go with a gift card. If you’re buying a gift for someone far away, look no further 😉

Mask Chain: Masks are our reality right now and so a mask chain is a great small gift for literally anyone. There are tons of versions and styles, I've been shopping for mine on Etsy. There are beaded ones, gold ones, leather, even custom options and Etsy is such a great way to support a small business. I got my Mom one to wear with her mask at the office and she said everyone at work was jealous ;-). Super easy, affordable and USEFUL! (linked here)

Everyday Oil: I've posted about this product before but I love it so much! For anyone in your life that loves face oil, body oil or even just essential oils, a small or big bottle of this would make a thoughtful gift. This is a very cool and inclusive brand too. (linked here)

Mother Of Stone Napkins: With everyone being home more these days, a great way to spice things up is with some new napkins. I have this set and love how they elevate a basic dinner. I love cloth napkins in general since they produce zero waste so why not have a really awesome set?! I think these would be great for a family, couple or single person who likes to eat at home (or is that everyone right now?!) (linked here)

The Sill plant: Who doesn’t want a house plant?! Another great addition to life at home. The Sill has such a wonderful variety of plants and planters that they ship beautifully and safely right to your doorstep. You can also filter the plants to find ones that are super low maintenance (bc sending someone a high maintenance plant might not be the move ;-)). Plus, this is an awesome Woman-owned business! (linked here)

Himalayan Salt Lamp Plug Ins: I have these all over my house and love them so much. If you know anyone who has a salt lamp or loves low light/candlelight these would be the perfect gift. You can find a ton of options online. (linked here)

By Chari Initial Necklace: OK I dont own one of these, but can someone send this blog post to Ian? LOL. This Black-owned brand makes the most beautiful delicate jewelry with a good amount of options in many price ranges. This initial necklace looks like a staple piece to me that any jewelry-loving person would absolutely love. (linked here)

Supernatural Counter Spray: I LOVE these home cleaning products so much. They make your house smell like rich hippies :-). I have tried every single one and the product I love the most is the counter and granite spray. What I love is that you buy the glass spray bottles and the essential oil blends and fill the bottle with the oils + water. When you’re out of the essential oils, you can recycle the bottle and order refills. I love cleaning my kitchen and ending with this. It is truly like having an aromatherapy experience while cleaning. A great gift for anyone who loves essential oils and all things non-toxic. This is also a wonderful Woman-Owned business. (linked here)

Always Pan: You may have already gotten an IG ad for this but I will say it's worth the hype. I got one of these a little less than a year ago and truly use it everyday. What's amazing about it is that you can use it in place of lots of different pots and pans. You can steam veggies, boil pasta, saute things etc etc all in one. It's a ceramic coated pan so it's non-toxic and comes with a steam basket and a wooden spatula that conveniently rests perfectly on the handle as you cook. It's also very attractive and comes in a lot of colors! This would be an amazing gift for anyone who loves to cook. Also, I'm not sure if this will be active when you read this but I just saw that with code SUPERSALE you can get one for $95 which is a really good deal! And yes, it's a Woman-Owned brand. We’re crushing it this holiday season! (linked here)

Cloud Sock: These have been on my wish list for a while after seeing them all over Instagram! They are 100% cotton and made in the USA. Plus, there are so many colors! It's hard to choose! These would be a great stocking stuffer for any fashion forward person in your life… (linked here)

CBAAF Tee: This company is amazing. They make their clothes out of 100% recycled cotton and dye everything in Los Angeles. The look of their tie dye is so chic. Their products are more expensive because of the materials and care that go into each piece but anything from this brand would be super meaningful and cool gift. (linked here)

The Marble Body Brush: This would be a beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys self care at home! These dry brushes are so gorgeous and made from real marble and natural bristles. They come in a bunch of different marble tones and also come with a handle to make dry brushing easy. This plus a bottle of Everyday Oil would be a super luxurious gift to give! (linked here)

Emmy’s!: I mentioned in my Fall favorites that I will always include Emmy’s so obviously we’re going in the gift guide! I've linked our Holiday Shop which includes a number of bundles for different types of people, our seasonal flavors as well as our gift cards and smaller packs which make great stocking stuffers! Food and snacks can never go wrong for the holidays. Enjoy! (linked here)

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