Our Co-Founder, Samantha, is all about products that are clean, high quality and made by brands that have an ethos of environmental and social responsibility. We wanted to share some of her Fall favorites below! *We do not make any commission off of these links, just wanted to share!

1. Everyday Oil  -I use body oil all year long but use way more when it starts to get chilly! The Everyday Oil in “Mainstay” feels and smells so incredible, it makes my day every time I put it on. It's made with really good quality organic oils and essential oils. Also, a large bottle of this is such a nice gift if you’re thinking ahead for the holidays.

2. Kiss The Ground -This was such a refreshing documentary that addresses reversing climate change through regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is truly the future. Not only does it yield more crops, but it pulls carbon back into the soil which you learn is the biggest contributor to climate change. Amazing stuff!

3. Ementer Ring Light -I've been working from home a lot (as many of us are!) and my desk does not get a lot of natural light so I decided to get a ring light for my laptop. It makes such a big difference on Zoom meetings, it not only makes ME look better (lol) but it makes the picture clearer and I think more professional all around. I researched for a long time and was happy to find this one since it clamps onto my laptop and is easy to take on and off and it plugs into a USB port. *NOT a green product by any means, but a real must-have in my book*

4. Everlane Fleece -I promise I wont have something from Everlane on my favorites every season LOL. But I had been eyeing this recycled fleece jacket for a while and I'm so glad I finally got it! I love products that use recycled or organic fibers and this is such a good WFH piece. It's comfy like a sweatshirt but looks a little more put together. It's so warm and cozy! (I just saw that it’s sold out, but def keep it on your radar for when it comes back)

5. Mask Chain -Umm best purchase of the pandemic! Having a mask chain is so helpful when you’re putting a mask on and off during the day. Think, going to the grocery store but then taking the mask off in your car. Having the mask around my neck keeps me from losing it or digging into my pockets or purse. This one is extra chic because it looks like a necklace. I use it every day!

6. Pumpkin Spice -Are you surprised? I personally don’t go CRAZY for pumpkin spice things except for our seasonal cookies! I get so excited every year when they come out. The flavor is so perfect and tastes like fall. I love having these on their own with a cup of tea or warm almond milk. SO GOOD!

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