We receive a lot of questions every single day about our products, flavors and ingredients, so we decided to compile all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions! If we aren’t able to answer your question here, please email us at info@emmysorganics.com.


What are your Coconut Cookies made of?

Our Coconut Cookies are all created from a similar base-batter of shredded coconut, coconut oil, agave or, almond or peanut flour and Hymalayan salt. From there we add other ingredients to give each flavor its personality, like using real vanilla bean powder and vanilla extract to our Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies.


Are your Coconut Cookies gluten-free or grain-free?

They sure are! Our Coconut Cookies are certified gluten-free and grain-free. You can learn about the specific ingredients used in each flavor by visiting their product page.


Are your Coconut Cookies vegan?

Yes! We do not use any animal products in our cookies nor process animal products in our production facility. 100% plant-based baby!


Are your Coconut Cookies Organic?

Indeed, our products are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project verified as well. We want to support organic farmers who focus on the environment and producing quality ingredients. We are very picky about who we source from and go through a very lengthy process when sourcing new ingredients.


Do your Coconut Cookies contain soy?

That’s an easy one, they do not!


Do your Coconut Cookies contain palm oil?

No, our cookies are made with organic virgin coconut oil that is  unrefined.


Are any of your flavors nut-free?

Technically, our Peanut Butter and Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter flavors are tree nut-free but they do contain peanuts and are made on the same equipment as nuts. All of our other flavors contain almonds.  We produce all of our flavors on equipment that processes almonds and peanuts. 


Are your Coconut Cookies keto, raw or paleo?

We don’t label our products as keto, raw or paleo. We leave this up to the customer to see if our nutritional panel and ingredient lists work for their specific dietary restrictions. But, our Coconut Cookies and Coconut Cookies are grain-free which many of these lifestyles require. 



What’s the difference between your Coconut Cookies & Chocolate Covered Bites?

We have been producing our “classic” Coconut Cookies since we were founded in 2009. Although they looked different at the time, we have stuck to a consistent, clean recipe for over 10 years. Our Chocolate Covered Bites are a new product for us which launched back in 2018. We noticed that Emmy’s fans were dipping their favorite Coconut Cookies in chocolate, so we decided to do the hard work for you! By wrapping our coconut cookie dough in 70% dark chocolate, we created a brand new product!


In short: our Coconut Cookies are delicious, chewy, coconutty round cookies, and our Bites are coconut cookie dough wrapped in dark chocolate.


What are your top-selling flavors?

Are most popular flavors are Dark Cacao and Vanilla Bean, but any Emmy’s fan can tell you their top picks! Each flavor is unique and delicious in its own way. 


Are there fun recipes you can make with Emmy’s?

Absolutely, our Instagram feed is just full of delicious, easy and fun recipes and snacks you can make! Be sure to also check out our recipe blog where all of our best recipes have been compiled.


How do I find Emmy’s at a store near me?

Check out our store locator! Enter your zip code and *BAM*, you’ll find Emmy’s in a store near you. Click on the retailer to see what Coconut Cookie flavors your local stores have in stock.

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