A Closer Look at our Co-Founder's Must-Haves

Our Co-Founder, Samantha, is all about products that are clean, high quality and made by brands that have an ethos of environmental and social responsibility. We wanted to share some of her favorite 2020 Summer essentials below! *We do not make any commission off of these links, just wanted to share!

1. Wilding Beauty Gua Sha Tool - I had been seeing people doing Gua Sha facial massage on Instagram and was kind of skeptical but then my sister-in-law gifted me this stone for my birthday. Let me tell you, I'm such a believer now! I have been following the tutorials on @Britta_Beauty ‘s IG page and I'm noticing SUCH a difference in my skin. Gua Sha truly lifts and tones the muscles in your face and I'm here for it!


2. Cocokind Sunscreen - I wear sunscreen every single day, since I have a family history with skin cancer. I love Cocokind and was so excited to try their new mineral sunscreen and I love it. It's so much more affordable than the one I was buying before. It's made with zinc oxide but absorbs really nicely into the skin. I also love that it protects your skin from blue light since I’m on the computer A LOT.


3. Basket Backpack - I bought my basket backpack a few years ago in Tulum (but this one is very similar!) and it is still one of my favorite purchases in a while! It is perfect for summers in Ithaca! On the weekends, I go for a lot of hikes and swims. I pack up my little basket with snacks, water and my towel. It's so perfect and cute!


4. Everlane Slides - I just got these this summer and LOVE them. They are both extremely comfortable and beautiful and can be dressed up or down. They are so perfect for the office! I also love Everlane’s transparent pricing and ethical business model.


5. Spindrift Seltzer - There is something about summer and cold sparkling beverages! I love Spindrift’s products since they are just sparkling water and fresh fruit juices...no added anything...just my style. I love a lot of the flavors but lately I've been going for the Lemon.


6. Emmy’s Vanilla Bean Grab-n-Go - You thought I was going to list some essentials without my own products, huh? I could never because I love our products so much. All year round. This summer I've been really digging our Vanilla Bean flavor in our new Grab-n-Go size. They are perfect to toss in my (basket) bag and take on weekend adventures. Our Vanilla Bean is SO good too because it's made with real vanilla beans. Such a good summer flavor! (I also love our Chocolate Covered Vanilla Bites in the FRIDGE! They are the best clean, summer treat. Just trust me on this ;-))


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