Gluten-Free Pantry Essentials: We Break it Down

What makes a well-stocked pantry? To us, this is a variety of delicious, clean staples like baking and cooking basics, as well as a select few pre-packaged products you truly can’t get enough of. Some nights we cook 4 courses, some nights it’s dinner on the fly. Life is busy, but we have the tips you might be looking for to make sure you’re ready.

Oils & Spices

Good, clean oils are a must-have. Extra virgin olive oil is the perfect savory oil for sauteing, baking, infusions, and dressings. When paired with the right spices like basil, oregano, or rosemary, you have the perfect flavor accompaniment to the dish you’re preparing.

Since we are all about coconut, choosing a quality coconut oil for cooking is quite essential. Less refined coconut oils are better for lower-heat cooking and baking. In contrast, highly refined oils have a higher smoke point and are well suited for high-heat cooking. However, during the coconut oil refinement process, some of the nutrients are stripped away which is why we recommend avocado oil for high heat cooking! Learn more about the benefits of unrefined coconut oil here.

Canned Goods

Keeping cans of different varieties of beans, jars of sauce and boxes of broth are all exceptional items to keep in your pantry. Came home from work to an empty fridge? Stock up on some canned goods to ensure you can still whip up a healthy, last-minute dinner. 

Black beans, for example, are high in fiber and can be used to complete any meal. For example, you can heat up black beans along with brown rice to enjoy with a canned broth. Other healthy canned goods to stock up on include chickpeas, corn, and diced tomatoes. However, it is important to steer away from canned goods with artificial preservatives, high sugar levels, and high sodium. 


All-natural sweeteners with minimal processing are always your best bet. Honey, maple syrup, agave and stevia are all wonderful sweeteners. Depending on your dietary preferences, flavor palette, and health needs. Honey and maple syrup are also great to keep in handy for making smoothies and baking your favorite treats.  


Gluten-free pasta and brown rice are a must-have for when you need a heartier meal. Brown rice is an excellent alternative to white grains that helps lower cholesterol, promotes fullness, and aids the digestive tract. Brown rice is incorporated into so many delicious meals. It is an excellent addition to a mixed greens salad with canned chickpeas and cashews!


It can’t hurt to have a game plan when that inevitable sweet tooth hits. Stashing a bar of dark chocolate away sometimes does the trick, but when you’re looking for a delicious clean cookie, having Emmy’s Organics on hand is the way to go. There is a flavor of Emmy’s for everyone! Find your favorite here.


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