Emmy's is so much more than a clean snacking company. It is our collective goal to not only create delicious and clean snacks and treats, but to use our business and platform for good. By providing living wage jobs, employing refugees, actively working to become an anti-racist company & upholding high environmental standards, Emmy's is doing our part to ever-improve and make lives better.


At Emmy’s Organics, we are not only proud to offer high quality, fun jobs, but jobs that pay our full-time employees a Tompkins County, NY certified living hourly wage. Our wages allow for a quality of life that includes decent housing, transportation, food, recreation, savings, health care and other expenses. Our employees work hard and we are so proud to be able to pay them well for their work.

The New York state living wage in our county (Tompkins County. NY) is currently $15.37/hr, much higher than New York State minimum wage of $11.80* and the national minimum wage. *https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/wages/minimumwage


Almost half of our workforce are refugees! Our manufacturing team is made up of refugees from Burma (Myanmar) who moved to the United States and settled here in Ithaca, NY where Emmy’s Organics HQ is located. We do our best to create an inclusive work environment by translating all documents and meetings, hosting free company lunches and celebrating major life events like weddings and welcoming new babies. They are a big reason why Emmy's is such a special company. We’re proud to offer living wages and quality jobs to this incredible group of people. Will be forever grateful that they chose to work here at Emmy’s.


After the public murder of George Floyd sent shockwaves around the world, we realized the necessity of publicly denouncing racism and supporting Black communities by using our platform and business as a tool for combating racial injustice and amplifying Black voices and businesses. As a white-owned company and employer it is important to acknowledge the power we have to make immediate and long term changes to dismantle white supremacy. As of June 2020, we have begun actively working to combat racism in the workplace and within ourselves.

Our Anti-Racism Committee is leading the Emmy’s team in discussions about deconstructing racism by providing credible and helpful sources to do so. This includes employee participation in the form of trainings, open discussions and mandatory readings. It’s important to us to have these uncomfortable conversations with our suppliers, collaborators, and influencers to encourage them to do the same. Our platform will now regularly amplify the voices of Black leaders in the food justice and snack industries and make more intentional donations that directly benefit Black communities and organizations. Learn more about our initiatives, goals and ideas here.


We are a certified B-Corporation, balancing purpose and profit to be as environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and publicly transparent as we can be. Examples of this can be seen in the organic and non-GMO ingredients we sources, the way we give back to our local and national  communities, various social causes, and the way we treat all people involved in and around our business. We recycle most materials, compost our food scraps and much attention is placed on reducing our carbon footprint as we grow and continue to improve our practices.


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