Admit it, sometimes you leave the house snack-less only to turn to less than healthy, quick options that leave you regretful or not feeling your best. We’ve all been there! Emily, from the Emmy’s team, shares her favorite clean and nourishing snacks that you can grab and toss right into your bag before you hit the street. 

Favorites, Classics, Tips & Tricks

I’ll start with the ultimate snack on-the-go, tried and true throughout the ages; the apple. Whether you like them green, red, crispy, soft, tart or sweet, we can all agree that reaching for an apple both mentally and physically feels like a good choice. It’s one your body will thank you for making. Fresh, organic, whole fruit is always a good option, especially when it’s in season. Apple season is an incredible time in Ithaca, New York where Emmy’s HQ is based. I enjoy pairing local apples with nut butters for a little protein boost to help fuel me through the day. My absolute favorite nut butter on-the-go is the Classic Creamy Almond Butter squeeze packets from Wild Friends.

My favorite source of healthy fats and protein is trail mix. Most store bought trail mixes can be packed with hidden sugar and sodium, and the best way to know all of the ingredients is to piece together your ideal mix. What you’ll need to do is first purchase bulk nuts and seeds for your base. Find your favorite dried fruits like cranberries or goji berries and other fun and crunchy snacks like pretzels. If you’re looking for something on the “treat yourself” side, you can always throw in dark chocolate chips. This high protein snack will keep you feeling fuller for longer! Creating your own mixture at home and pre-portioning it ensures that you eat what your body needs. 

That Pesky Sweet-Tooth

I have a major sweet tooth, and I’m ashamed to admit this, often turn to less than healthy options when I’m on the go. I have an inexplicable weakness for chocolate bars at the grocery store checkout line. The marketing studies work and I am a prime example of that impulsive buyer. 

If you’re the type of person who is at the mercy of their sweet tooth for most of the day, we can relate. It’s easier than ever to find healthier alternatives to conventional confectionaries, but this is extremely location dependent. Our Coconut Cookies are made primarily from a thoughtful blend of shredded coconut, peanut or almond flour, coconut sugar or agave, coconut oil, vanilla extract & Himalayan salt. Our new Grab-n-Go packages are just perfect for throwing in your gym bag, lunch box, or purse before you head out the door! Our coconut cookies are more snackable than ever before!