Stay In, Have Fun, Eat Cookies

There may be times when we have to stay at home, like a yucky rainy day or even an unprecedented global pandemic and government mandated social distancing! Either way, we’re here to help you make the most of your day. Here you'll find fun and enriching activities that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy Or yes, even you, single person with too much time on your hands in your city apartment. This is for you too.), a fun way to spice up your Zoom call & a grocery list so you can plan ahead before your next outing.

We like to plan ahead, so our team created a couple Work From Home (or just BE at Home) gifts for you to enjoy! From our Coconut Cookie Zoom backgrounds to our Grocery List (so you don't shop unprepared!) to our first ever Activity Book, there's plenty to do!

Groceries: Shop with a Plan!

Right now, nobody is leaving the house unless it is for essential errands, like grocery shopping! We don't want you to head to the store unprepared, so we made you a checklist. Be sure to look around your fridge and pantry, note what you need, think about what you want (treat yourself!), then head to the store.

Click the list below to download!

Your Most Delicious Zoom Call Yet

We're bringing you two fun Emmy's Zoom backgrounds so you can share your love for Coconut Cookies with your coworkers, family & even your boss! *wink*

Click each background image to download!

Our First Activity Book: Color-Me-Cookies!

You and your little ones may be looking for creative ways to spend time indoors without feeling stir crazy, and that's why we created our *first ever* Emmy's Activity Book: Color Me Cookies & Other Fun Activities for Kids and Kids at Heart.

With simple puzzles, an art project, maze, word search and much more, this short and sweet little activity book is all about having fun, being creative & thinking critically. Print it out for your little one or enjoy the puzzles yourself! Just be sure to have some crayons handy!

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Featured Activities

Color Me Cookies

Color Me Cookies

Word Search

Coconut Cookie Maze


Find the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Treasure Hunt