We sat down with the wonderful Lindsey Simcik, co-founder and CEO of the top-rated media brand, Almost 30 to talk about how she got where she is today and what is on the horizon personally and for Almost 30!

Lindsey Simcik

Tell us how you first got into your current career?

Well, I always wanted to be a Broadway star. I grew up taking dancing, vocal & acting classes and was super lucky to have parents who always encouraged me to do what I loved. I moved to NYC shortly after college and began auditioning and filling my schedule with acting classes right away.  The whole time I was practicing my craft i tried not to focus on, “am I going to have a big break?”.  I just loved the opportunity to perform, even if it was in an audition room! In order to live in NY, I had to support myself with multiple jobs, so I began bartending at night (at 3 different bars!) which was A LOT!  Late nights and poor eating and drinking habits, made focusing on my acting really difficult.  During this time, I found SoulCycle, which was an incredible escape for me- to go into a dark room, move my body, it was a form of self-expression. My trainers noticed me and said I should audition to instruct, I thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?” I auditioned and I made it! I became a SoulCycle instructor full time, which allowed me to quit my bartending gigs and after 3 months of instructing, they asked to move to LA!

After about a year and a half after moving to LA, was introduced to Krista who wanted to become a Soulcycle instructor. We became fast friends and talked a lot about our transitions from our 20’s into our 30’s. We had extremely similar fears, doubts and ideas about this period in our lives and knew that other people must feel similarly. We thought, “Could we start a podcast about this?!” We launched Almost 30 on September 1, 2016 and it has turned out to be the most exciting and fulfilling thing we have ever done!


Give us an example of what makes you Not Your Average Cookie? What's something people might not know about you right away?

While the podcast is the most thriving & alive thing in my life as far as putting something into the world, what I realized about me is that I find so much inspiration for the podcast by giving love and energy to my other talents and interests. This year I’m making an album! I’ve always been a singer, it brings me so much joy and freedom. Creating for the sake of creating, I feel called to create this album.

There was a time I felt shame about not being able to commit to just 1 thing, but it’s who I am, I need to be giving to all of the things that make me feel alive! I can and should be doing it all.

We are all about simplicity. Can you tell us a life hack or tip that helps simplify your life?

It’s pretty simple and we hear a lot about it. I’ve been really careful to disconnect for periods of time when I really want to listen to myself. I set designated times when I can just BE without receiving texts, scrolling through Instagram posts, or seeking information on the internet. I trust that I hold most of the answers that I’m seeking. I also love to journal, often turning a short meditation into journaling sesh. It really helps me identify what is the purpose of this overwhelm that I’m feeling? I love giving myself those moments everyday, like a little gift. We really deserve it.

We gotta know, what’s your favorite Emmy’s product and why?

I am obsessed with the Peanut Butter and Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookies. I love to put them into the fridge. I also love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites!

What's something coming up for you that you’re excited about?

We’re in the very beginning stages of writing a book! It’s really exciting to think about the person who’s going to pick it up and find so much inspiration, laughs and assurance that they are not alone in what they’re going through. We’re not experts in any way but by telling our stories and sharing our lives, we can help people navigate this transition.

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