Sometimes a simple chocolate-y dessert really hits the spot. In fact, we can't think of a time when this isn't the case! These Mini Dark Chocolate Pies are the perfect combination of our Dark Cacao Coconut Cookies, peanut butter, and dark chocolate. Scared of adding the silken tofu? Don't be! It adds a wonderful creamy texture to these fun little Pies.

There's nothing like a yummy #CleanCookieCrust! Just flatten our Coconut Cookies into the bottom of your pie dish or muffin tin and voila! You have yourself a perfect delicious simple crust, no need to bake or heat!

These Mini Dark Chocolate Pies are small bites of decadent chocolate heaven & are a recipe you'll want to make over and over again

A big thank you to Gaby Dimova @veggieworldrecipes for this awesome recipe!

What You'll Need



1. Cut each Emmy’s Dark Cacao Cookie in half.
2. In a mini muffin pan, mold the cookie to each muffin hole (kind of like your cookie is your muffin liner). Do this with all of your cookies.
3. For the filling, start by melting your chocolate. Then combine all of your ingredients in a high speed blender until you get a smooth creamy consistency.
4. Then pour your pie filling into the mini muffin pan and refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Feel free to crumble some of the cookie on top for some extra chocolatey goodness!
5. Enjoy!


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