What's the Difference Between Organic and Non-GMO?


It’s important to us as a company to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We strongly believe in the importance of creating a clean, vegan, gluten free treat for our customers. We source high quality ingredients that are grown organically and without genetic modification to make our Coconut Cookies. We pride ourselves on that! One skim over our package, and bite of a cookie, and you know you’ve picked up a sweet treat that’s incredible for many reasons.

Our Coconut Cookies embody our ethos as both environmentally conscious human beings and highly educated consumers alike. We choose to create our cookies by using ingredients that are 100% certified USDA Organic and non-GMO.

Organic crops are grown using organic pesticides and farming practices. They are also grown from organic seeds. Non-GMO crops have not had any artificial genetic modification along their breeding or growth process. Although USDA certified Organic and non-GMO crops are not the same, both of these certifications ensure that certain standards are followed in the propagation process.

Our ingredient sourcing has always been based on the crops our suppliers produce meeting strict US government standards and growing guidelines. Organic farming practices are typically more environmentally sound, incorporating the use of less harmful pesticides. Organic growth methods may also enhance soil and water quality while more readily promoting a self-sustaining cycle of resources. These processes may reap a more nutritionally beneficial product [1].

Plants that are grown with organic pesticides and fertilizers, as opposed to their conventional counterparts, are shown to produce more phytochemicals. These phytochemical are produced as a method to resist competitor plants, weeds and bugs. This adaptation, leading to more abundant phytochemicals, creates a more nutritionally dense product [1].


Our Coconut Cookies are free from GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, and carry said certification by the Non-GMO Project. A GMO is an organism that has undergone genetic manipulation to enhance specifically desired traits such as flavor, sweetness, or size of fruits produced. “It was as obvious a choice to source non-GMO ingredients as it was to create a completely organic product,” says Co-Founder, Samantha.

Along with producing a completely gluten free and vegan treat, it is important who we source our ingredients from. We work with farmers that are committed to environmental stewardship by farming organically and raising non-GMO crops. Fostering both consumer health and environmental health is incredibly important to us here at Emmy’s.

[1] https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/organic-food/art-20043880

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