We are proud to transition towards using more sustainable shipping materials! We are now incorporating biodegradable insulation into our shipping process. Our new insulation is a compostable and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging and insulation made from non-GMO corn. Your Chocolate Covered Bites will stay cool and arrive greener than ever!

Green Cell Foam Disposal Process

1. Open your shipment of delicious Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites

A Look Inside: Biodegradable Insulation | Emmy's Organics


2. Remove your cookies and ice pack from the box, then et your insulation panels aside. Cut the film that is surrounding the insulation panels and remove it from the panels. You can recycle this film with other #4 or single stream plastics. Please note that not all of the insulation is covered with film and if your insulation does not have film, skip ahead to step 3.

A Look Inside: Biodegradable Insulation | Emmy's Organics

3. Remove the panels and place them into the sink basin. Run warm water over the insulation and the insulation will start to "melt" away under the warm water.

A Look Inside: Biodegradable Insulation | Emmy's Organics

Our insulation is derived from corn starch and is safe for drains, septic systems and waste treatment centers. It is 100% compostable and will biodegrade in 60 days or less when placed in a moist soil environment. The insulation panels also burn cleanly and safely. We are so excited about this transition to greener shipping materials!

For additional instructions and a video of the insulation disposal process, please visit www.greencellfoam.com

Draining your Nordic Ice Pack

In order to drain your Nordic Ice Pack, cut the package and empty the melted contents into a sink. The packaging can be recycled once flushed with water. The pouch can be recycled anywhere number 4 plastics are accepted, making Nordic Ice gel packs recyclable.

A Look Inside: Biodegradable Insulation | Emmy's Organics

For more information, please visit nordiccoldchain.com.

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