Are you curious about what makes the perfect pre-workout snack? We were too! That’s why we asked our friend and certified health coach, Lauren Onesi, for her take. Since our products are made with a great balance of carbs and good fat, we see a lot of people throwing our grab-n-go packs in their gym bags! So cheers to great workout fueled by our favorite organic, gluten-free and vegan treats!


We all want to start our workouts with high energy! To have this, we have to fuel our bodies with the right balance of nutrients before we workout! Two of the main energy sources that our bodies use and convert into energy during exercise are carbohydrates & fat. The energy from carbs comes from slower digesting, high fiber sources like organic oats or from faster digesting sources [sugars] like organic agave. Carbs are utilized more during high intensity workouts like sprinting or HIIT workouts. Whereas fats are used more during low to moderate intensity workouts like a steady paced jog or yoga.

During high intensity workouts, fats also aid in the body’s ability to utilize the carbs that it needs for energy. Basically, to have optimal energy for your workout you need good fats & carbs!  No matter what exact style of workout, carbs & fat are going to be your best friend! Additionally, having a little protein is great to optimize protein synthesis. In simple terms, protein synthesis is your body repairing your muscles after a workout & inevitably helping you build lean muscle! This is why Emmy's is such a perfect pre-workout snack!


Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies have been one of my favorite pre-workout snacks for years now! I recommend them to all of my clients as a pre-workout snack. Pairing them with a small cup of an organic black coffee really warms up your body! I love that Emmy’s cookies provide my body, and my clients’ bodies, with the perfect balance of fats, carbs [slow & fast digesting], and protein! I typically have 2-3 prior to my workout & recommend the same! My current fave is the Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies!

Lauren Onesi

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