We launched our first two flavors of  Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites last year and we couldn’t be more excited! Our first two flavors- Peanut Butter and Mint are so delicious, we decided to launch a third this year! our NEW Vanilla Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites are here! They're made with coconut sugar sweetened dark chocolate and simple ingredients like coconut, almond butter and vanilla extract. These bites are the perfect decadent, yet guilt-free, sweet treat. As always, our bites are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO but most importantly they're DELICIOUS!


As everyone familiar with Emmy’s Organics knows, last year we took something great and made it even better. We noticed that Emmy’s lovers all over Instagram were covering our Classic Coconut Cookies in dark chocolate and we figured, why not do the hard work for you?


In April 2019, we began hinting at the launch of a new product. This mystery sparked interest and the hype surrounding a new product grew and grew. We were thrilled about being able to offer something different while retaining extremely high snack standards and our mission of delivering gluten free, vegan, guilt-free, organic treats. After weeks of dodging DM’s and curving comments, big news came in the form of a new line from Emmy’s and our Peanut Butter and Mint flavored Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites hit shelves in May of 2019.


Our Chocolate Covered Bites are currently available in three flavors: Peanut Butter , Mint & Vanilla! The Peanut Butter flavor is made of bite sized pieces of our classic peanut butter coconut cookie dough and covered in dark chocolate. The final product reminds us of a peanut butter cup! The Mint is a totally new flavor for us. We use organic peppermint oil to create the fresh minty cookie dough before its covered in dark chocolate and added a little bit of spirulina to create the vibrant green color. Can anyone say, peppermint patty?! Our Vanilla flavor is very reminiscent of a Mounds Bar, but made with ingredients you can feel good about! All three flavors are made using dark, coconut-sugar sweetened, fair trade chocolate and they are all pretty amazing.


Excited to try them? Our Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites can be found in retailers near you such as Whole Foods, Wegmans and Big Y stores and can also be found on our website. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on them, as this line was inspired by you.

Emily, Marketing Assistant

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